Wednesday, July 29, 2009

RONASUTRA is the original, authentic mineral powder. if you're wondering why ppl use mineral make-up at all, it's because of it's short-term and long-term therapeutic benefits for skin.Therefore, if you're shopping for mineral makeup, be careful and look at the ingredients' list. If there're talc, dimethicone, vitamins, oils and other non-mineral ingredients, then it can't claim to be an original mineral makeup because: 1) it's organic, thus can still go bad or breed bacteria 2)talc - even though a mineral, is too harsh for skin because it sucks oil AND essential mositure that keeps skin young. Talc's extremely fine particle size also mixes with sebum to block pores (which causes blackheads, whiteheads and eventually acne) talc is a known skin irritant which interferes with skin's normal functions and exfoliation!

Yes international mineral makeup lines may dazzle you, but look at the labels and remember why you're searching for mineral makeup in the first place!