Thursday, December 24, 2009


Mineral make up is the best in thing in today's make up world. It's the best option for those who have skin allergies with most of the cosmetics available in the market. They get rashes, itching, boils or patches with make up. It happens because of the chemicals presence in the make up solutions.Mineral make up is made without chemicals, is more natural, light and allergy free. It doesn't give any skin rashes or anything to those who are usually allergic to make up. But the cost of mineral make up is of course higher than the other normal make up products.

Mineral make up doesn't have chemicals, any fragrances or preservatives in their contents. They are purely natural and safe to the sensitive skin.Dermatologist too prescribe mineral make up to those who have sensitive skin and cannot apply chemical make up. Most of the people get peeling of the skin to make it look even and blemish free so mineral make up is the solution for those who cannot get such treatment because of their sensitive skin. Putting mineral make up on skin makes huge difference in the skin's natural appearance.

Mineral make up is available in forms of foundations and loose powder. It's a foundation based conceler which covers most of the flaws of the skin makes it appear flawless and radiant.It covers the fine lines which one gets due to age, acne or pimple scars or if any other blemish present on the skin. Its pigment powder covers the entire skin with its light texture and makes it appear flawless and young. It's very light so it doesn't look as if something has been put on the skin.

Mineral make up for skin is available in various shades to choose from. They are available from lighter to darker skin. All age groups of females can use it as it has no side affects and women who like to wear foundation daily for office use and find it heavy on the skin can use it on daily basis.Other make up products too are getting available these days as non-chemical cosmetics in form of herbal lipsticks and shades for blushers and eyes. They too are made without any fragrances or perfume with pure natural extracts. Sea minerals have been used in most of the mineral make up. There are some international brands which are giving a whole range of mineral cosmetics including all make up accessories in a kit. Herbal make up products and aroma essentials too are another form of mineral make up which have no side effects on any type of skin and can be used with all age group skin with no adverse effect.