Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The makeup and beauty mistakes that are ageing your face

There's no point investing in good skincare and anti-ageing tactics, if your makeup is going to add on the years regardless.

So here's 10 of the most common makeup mistakes to avoid, for an instantly younger looking face.

Never prepping your skin with moisturiser

Moisturiser helps to plump up the skin as well as hydrate and heal. If you have dry, dull or flaky skin, it's unlikely you'll radiate a youthful glow.

Cakey under-eye concealer

Concealer that gathers under your eyes will weigh down the skin, turn dark circles grey, and emphasise your lines by sitting between them. Build it up slowly.

Wrong foundation or concealer shade

While a too orange foundation is obviously bad, too pale a foundation shade will make you look drawn, grey and inevitably older. Getting yourself colour matched at a beauty counter is worth it.

Pulling on the skin around your eyes

Applying eyeliner, pulling off false lashes - the temptation to pull on the skin around your eye can be too much. Remember the skin is very delicate, and regular pulling can speed up sagging.

Thin eyebrows

Thin eyebrows, bleached eyebrows, super short eyebrows - they'll all age your face. So learn how to create thicker brows and the most flattering brow shape to frame your face.

Poorly applied lipliner

Lipliner can make or break your lipstick, but apply it poorly and you'll give yourself thinner lips that will look older. Make sure you stick close to the outer edge of your natural lip line, and if you have thin lips naturally, add glossy lip colour to help them look fuller.

Droopy eyeshadow or eyeliner

Once you've finished your eye makeup, take a good look at the outer corners. Does the colour swoop upwards? If it's pointing down, you'll give the impression of droopy, saggy eyes.

Eyeliner ringed eyes

Applying eyeliner for the sake of it isn't worth your trouble, so don't ring both your upper and lower lid in standard black kohl, just to 'add something'. Winged liner on the upper lids flatters most eyes, while applying liner to just the outer corners will help open up small or narrow eye shapes.

Flat or limp hair

Most people experience flatter, more limp hair when they're run-down, ill or tired. More volume at the roots via blowdrying, volumising sprays or thickening shampoos will help you look healthier and full of vitality.

Too much powder

We love translucent powder as much as the next person, but an overly powdered face looses the radiance of young, dewy skin. Use it lightly and build up coverage only where you really need it.