Tuesday, March 18, 2014

How to Have Ageless Skin

Tip 1 Through Facial Cleansing
Celebrities always flaunt their flawless and shining skin even though they have to wear thick makeups every day. The beauty tip is to have perfectly clean facial wash-up so that no residue is left behind. The residue that is left behind blocks pores and sebum’s excretion. Eventually, leftover sebum becomes a main reason of pimples and skin troubles. 

Before you wash your face, use a steamed tower to open pores. After then, eliminate sebum, dead cells, and makeup residues by using foam cleanser. In this case, using too hot steamed towel may increase size of pores so make sure to adjust a right temperature. 

Tip 2 Too Much is as Bad as Too Little 
Being greedy about cosmetic can be worse than not applying any cosmetic. Because cosmetic includes chemical ingredients, applying too much cosmetic may create troubles. At worst case, there could be ingredients that don’t suit your skin. 

If you have sensitive skin, avoid using beauty products with many steps. Choose few products that suit your skin and consistently apply them. Make sure that layering several different cosmetics or changing cosmetics often may result in skin exhaustion. 

Tip 3 Apply Light Amount of Suncream when Leaving Home
Everyone knows that ultraviolet radiation accelerates aging of skin. UV radiation arouses freckles and skin cancer, when it’s serious. 

In order to protect our skin from UV radiation, it’s crucial to apply sunblock every day. When choosing a sunblock, don’t just determine product by high SPF because it may arouse skin trouble. You can effectively block UV rays by choosing SPF around 30 to 35.