Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Beauty tutorials hit 700 million views every month

Women surveyed want to learn how to produce ‘complicated’ looks.

According to a recent report released by Pixability, there are now 700 million monthly YouTube beauty video views, up from 300 million views per month in 2010.

This explosive growth is even more impressive considering that major brands control only 3% of the videos out of a total 14.9 billon beauty-related views on YouTube, the report outlines. All the rest comes from independent vloggers and beauty reviewers as well as media outlets.

While competition is hot at the top, the rewards are obvious as the average number of channel subscribers for YouTube’s top 15 beauty vloggers is now 2.1 million!

Another report had some more interesting info on what women were after when they logged on. British site Vouchercloud asked 1,992 British women aged 18 and over about their use of beauty tutorial videos.

Forty-one per cent of those surveyed had consulted the videos, with 61% of those women then referring to themselves as regular viewers.

When asked to pick what they wanted to learn about when they went hunting online the results showed that more “complicated” looks like smoky eyes and contouring were in high demand:

1. Smoky eyes – 42%

2. Contouring – 38%

3. Highlighting – 35%

4. Fancy dress makeup – 29%

6. Eyebrow penciling – 23%