Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Four things that happen right before a heart attack

So here are the four symptoms:

1. Chest Pain

This is the most common symptom which explains why most of us would probably put this as the #1 symptom we associate with heart attack. However there are several types of chest pain. First, a pain that’s all over the chest. Another that starts just off to the left side or the center of the chest and another that can start in the jaw and radiate down the left arm. This pain can occur at different intervals and with varying intensities.

2. Shortness of breath.

 Even in the absence of chest pain, shortness of breath can also signal an impending heart attack.Shortness of breath can occur suddenly right before or even during a heart attack.

3. Indigestion or “heartburn”.

 Sometimes the chest pain of a heart attack is perceived as something else, like indigestion.This could be because the nerves of the stomach are close to the heart which can cause “Signal confusion” in our brain.

4. Nausea and vomiting.

 This can occur alone or in combination with some of the other symptoms.While we typically don’t think of this as being a heart attack symptom, it is not unusual at all.